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We go to the river a lot of weekends, and I’ve about got the food shopping and packing down to a science.  This week, I tossed three frozen (vacuum packed – I love my vacuum sealer) New York Strips into the bottom of a cooler. Next, in went the Pork Tenderloin. A pound of bacon, a dozen eggs, and a carton of heavy cream finished off the cold stuff. Shopping at the farmer’s market on Thursday I found two cartons of okra, summer squash, and a Hanover tomato. For snacks, I picked up a jar of mixed nuts (no peanuts) and a jar of macadamias. Lastly, I got some romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and a block of bleu cheese at the grocery store.

Friday’s lunch was crab cakes and coleslaw with Corona (beer is our weekend-away-only cheat) at Cockrell’s Creek. Last evening’s dinner was grilled pork tenderloin marinated in soy sauce, garlic and sea salt. I forgot to pack the wheat-free Tamari sauce – a good substitute for the high-sodium soy. The okra was cooked in bacon grease with garlic, onion, and a can of tomatoes I found in the cupboard.

Breakfast this morning will be bacon and fried eggs. For lunch, we’ll slice the tenderloin and make wraps with romaine lettuce and dijon mustard. Dinner will be grilled steaks and squash slow-cooked with onion and bacon, and a salad of romaine lettuce, cucumber, olive oil and vinegar, and bleu cheese chunks.

In the morning before returning home, we’ll eat leftovers for breakfast. The New York Strips are huge, so they’ll probably get re-heated with scrambled eggs. And of course, lots of coffee with heavy cream. That’s a wrap for the weekend away paleo-ish menu.