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This weekend we dug up a good section of the fenced part of our back yard and started a vegetable garden. We’ve grown some vegetables and herbs on the porch before, but not tried yard gardening because the deer herd that frequents our yard eat up everything. Hopefully their little noses won’t fit through the fence! First plantings include butter lettuce and cauliflower.

Coconut Chicken

This is my first recipe taken from Mark Sisson’s reader created coconut cookbook. You can get a free copy in PDF form by signing up for his mailing list. I got the raw coconut and organic chicken from Whole Foods. The red pepper sauce was especially good. It’s served with a salad sprinkled with a balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, onions, and Maytag blue cheese. This blue cheese is the best I’ve ever had – we order a wheel occasionally.


I just placed our first order for a box of organic, local produce with Arganica Farm Club. It will be delivered to our door on Sunday. I can’t wait to see what we get!

Fat Head

HT to Free the Animal –¬†check out Fat-Head the Movie.