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This is a quick update – I’ve been transitioning to a new work situation, among other things. But one constant that remains is this terrific diet. For about a month, I have not stepped on the scale, dashing past it to get to my coffee with heavy cream early in the morning and get some pre-dawn work done.

This week’s fare included eating at the Greek Festival, twice, (Moussaka with the Bechamel scraped off, stuffed grape leaves, Greek Green Beans), a feast of heavenly beef brisket with Blue Moon Belgian White Beer, dinner at Texas Roadhouse (11 oz. sirloin, green beans, salad), a Mexican meal of shrimp wrapped in bacon, plus whitefish with lime and avocado served on a tortilla (skipped the tortilla but it made a good plate), and an occasional half-can of nuts.

Exercise lately has been sporadic, but included hauling some cinderblocks for a deck, and dragging loads of heavy wet leaves across the yard.

Sunday, I thought I’d better hit the scale, fearing that I had overdone things a bit. But no, I’m still at my goal weight. How cool it is, I thought, to enjoy these wonderful meals, eat until I’m full, feel great, and not have to give a thought to how many calories I’ve consumed.

More soon.