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Sample Day’s Meals

I thought I’d post a sample of a day’s menu. Yesterday was unique because I ate three meals – I was hungry! I normally eat fewer meals because I’m not hungry at one meal time. I was down a pound this morning.

Before / During / After Breakfast
3 cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream

Poached egg with a pat of butter
2 hot sausage patties

5-ounce beef tenderloin
large serving of steamed asparagus

Dinner (at Outback)
Blue Cheese Wedge Salad
Tilapia with Crabmeat
Mixed Vegetables
Unsweetened Ice Tea with Lime

After Dinner
1 glass Pinot Grigio (fell asleep before finishing)

Normally I get a steak at Outback, but since I had steak for lunch, I thought I’d try something different. Unfortunately, the crabmeat was a crab cake with breading on top of the tilapia. I scraped off the mushy breading and tried to eat around it. Next time – 6 oz. sirloin!

Pressure Cooker Fail
I have had two pressure cooker failures. The first was Thai Chicken. The chicken was not tender! I need to try again, and figure out how to cook the chicken so that it’s fall-apart tender.

The other was cabbage, and I know why. I cooked the whole cabbage for 8 minutes, and the outside was cooked while the inside was raw. Next time quarter the cabbage – duh!

Sugar and Cancer
Another addition to the sugar and cancer category from a Mayo Clinic doctor at the Chicago Tribune.