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A few people who have started eating Paleo recently have asked about weight loss plateaus. They’ve lost 5-6 pounds rapidly, and have stopped losing. I remember a couple of times when I seemed ‘stuck’, but it never lasted very long.  I recall that, in the beginning, I was not in a big hurry to lose weight – I knew from past experience that when pounds are lost slowly, they are more likely to stay off. Although I never deprived myself or went hungry, I did substitute a large salad for a normal meal a few times to jump-start the weight loss again.

I looked up my weight loss record for the past year on FitDay and the graph is posted above. I have leveled off and stay within 3 pounds of my goal weight (starting weight 156, goal 126, low 124), which is amazing to me considering I don’t count calories at all and my weekly calorie consumption probably varies widely.

Mark’s Daily Apple has a good post on primal weight loss plateaus here.