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Yesterday, Jay and I discovered Longhorn & Lager Meat and Beverage Company tucked into a corner at Sycamore Square in Midlothian. As I’d been wanting a juicy, grilled hamburger, we were pleased to see “Grass-fed Charolais Ground Beef” on the blackboard out front. We returned at 11:00 am when they opened (it was Sunday) and got a pound of the beef for dinner. We grilled 1/3 pound patties and served them with Dijon mustard, Hunts (hi-fructose corn syrup free) ketchup, Vlasic sandwich slices, and a sliced Hanover tomato, all wrapped up in romaine lettuce leaves. Delicious – we will be returning to Longhorn & Lager for more beef, and to sample some of their other products.