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I’m not eating at McDonald’s right now — there aren’t a lot of Paleo options — but I love McDonalds. In fact, my cheat reward on reaching my goal weight of 125 pounds is going to be a #3 meal, my favorite, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Large Fries, and a Large Coke with lots of extra McDonald’s ketchup and salt. I will probably be ill when I’m finished because I haven’t had that many carbs at one time in ages, but I can’t wait.

My kids grew up stopping at McDonald’s occasionally. But never once do I recall their harassing me into going because some happy-meal-toy or another was being given away. In fact, the toy was always sort of an extra surprise with the happy meal. Sometimes they liked it and sometimes they didn’t. My favorite is a Chicken Run character that wheeled back and forth across my car dash board for a couple of years.

I just don’t get people who, unable to control themselves or their children, assume that I can’t either, and want to pass laws telling the rest of us what to do. To dictate what I can eat is a violation of my individual rights, and to dictate to a company how they can advertise their products is a violation of theirs. This editorial makes some terrific points (HT The Objective Standard).