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Most of our eating out experiences have been good since we went paleo. Before we took my son off to college this summer, we went to Texas de Brazil – he’d been wanting to try it for over a year. If there’s a perfect place to dine primally, that has to be it. The salad and vegetable bar offer bazillions of choices, or you could just skip all that and chow down on one or all of the meats that are brought to and carved at the table. The very best for us was the flank steak. The filet mignon was bland. Jay especially enjoyed the lamb.

Of course, we can’t eat at Texas de Brazil often because it’s expensive, but we will definitely go there for a treat now and then. Tops on our list is Outback Steakhouse for a delicious and economical meal. One night last week Jay and I went to Outback and the two of us ate for $22. We each had a salad and iced tea, and we split the sirloin with broccoli. We left satisfied, full, and happy that our total bill was so low.

Italian and Mexican restaurants are more difficult. We recently dined at Joe’s Inn, a local Greek/Italian eatery. If Jay and I have cheated at all, it’s been with an occasional fried dish. I’ve had fried oysters twice. If the food is only slightly dusted with breading and the oil isn’t rank, then I allow myself this treat. At Joe’s, Jay ordered his favorite – fried chicken livers. We both had delicious Greek salads, and I ordered the appetizer Greek meatballs with meat sauce. The appetizer meatballs were so big that we ended up getting two leftover meals out of them!

At a Mexican restaurant recently, we ordered stuffed jalapeno peppers and chili relenos. On both, the breading was way overdone, so we actually peeled it off and ate the contents. It was delicious, but messy and a pain. We probably won’t be repeating that soon.

Most restaurants that serve breakfast make it easy to eat paleo, although there are servings of bread and potatoes everywhere. A breakfast of bacon and eggs is my favorite — omelets are good, too. And of course, a cup of restaurant coffee with lots of cream.

What we are skipping, lately, is Chinese and Pizza delivery. Cutting out those pricey mid-week treats offsets the expense of making better choices at the grocery store.