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by Jay Barbour

I grew up in a family that ate the typical American diet in the 60’s and 70’s. Meals consisted of beef, vegetables, corn or rice, bread and often pie, cake, cookies or ice cream for desert. Bread was available at every meal; either rolls, biscuits, French bread or as I remember it, a plate towering with sliced Wonder Bread. My Dad used to say he could not eat a meal without a “pusher” – the bread. For 50 years I have enjoyed eating full portions of every item offered at the table, seconds on some and always finishing off with the last pieces of bread.

Needless to say, I have always carried a few more pounds than necessary and have never been trim and lean. So, at 52 years old I was 5’9″ weighing 205 pounds, and wearing a very tight 36″ pants. Mary and I have been eating all Paleo since going cold turkey a few months ago. I have experienced all the positive results everyone keeps stating, i.e., feeling better overall, having a bit more energy, never having an extremely hungry feeling, and no more gastro-intestinal-distress! I have lost an amazing total of 30 pounds, shed 2 plus inches in the waist and am very excited about reaching my ultimate goal of 165 lbs.

I can truly say that I look forward to keeping this diet and lifestyle for the rest of my life and would recommend it to anyone!