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Almost 6 Years!


This spring will mark 6 years that Jay and I have been “paleo”. We haven’t been perfect, but neither of us have had a slice of bread or pizza in those six years. That would seem to both of us to cross a line. Our weight remains within 8-9 pounds of our initial weight loss figures – 60 pounds lost for Jay, and 30 pounds lost for me.

We have had some wheat, though, in the form of those dang craft beers! I myself love to dive into a glass of Vanilla Porter or Sweet Baby Jesus. So to begin the new year and get the craft beer behind me, I decided to start my first Whole30. I did do a half-hearted 30 last winter, but finally cracked under the pressure of missing half-and-half in my coffee.

I can report on Day 3 that I have a substitute that I think I can live with – coffee with coconut milk and turmeric. Our beloved Bunn coffeemaker crapped out two days ago (I read in the Amazon reviews that the heating element lasts 4-6 years — that’s about right), so while we wait for delivery on a new one, I’m french-pressing and pouring the contents into the thermal canister. A healthy dose of coconut milk and dash of turmeric, and yum!

Three Years, Five Months


Jay and I are still eating Paleo/Primal. I went for a check-up the other day, and the digital scale weighed me in at 125 lbs. (I have stopped weighing myself at home after 40 some years of weighing every morning). Our weight is holding steady.

We had been eating lunch out a lot lately, so a couple of weeks ago we decided to cut that back to once a week, and spend the saved money at Whole Foods on grass-fed beef, wild caught salmon, chicken, and red wine. We just polished off a leftover lunch of salmon and braised kale with carrots.

We both gained a few pounds some months ago, and attributed it to the massive amounts of heavy cream we were putting in our coffee, daily. We switched to half-and-half, and the pounds promptly dropped off.

I was happy to see Paleo Magazine for the first time at Whole Foods, yesterday, and bought a copy. It has expanded and improved since it was initially published, and it’s a lovely magazine. I hope to see it in other grocery stores at some point.

Gary Taubes has a new article in Scientific American. I will be interested to see the results of the study he discusses, although I already have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to turn out.

Tiny Update


This is a quick update – I’ve been transitioning to a new work situation, among other things. But one constant that remains is this terrific diet. For about a month, I have not stepped on the scale, dashing past it to get to my coffee with heavy cream early in the morning and get some pre-dawn work done.

This week’s fare included eating at the Greek Festival, twice, (Moussaka with the Bechamel scraped off, stuffed grape leaves, Greek Green Beans), a feast of heavenly beef brisket with Blue Moon Belgian White Beer, dinner at Texas Roadhouse (11 oz. sirloin, green beans, salad), a Mexican meal of shrimp wrapped in bacon, plus whitefish with lime and avocado served on a tortilla (skipped the tortilla but it made a good plate), and an occasional half-can of nuts.

Exercise lately has been sporadic, but included hauling some cinderblocks for a deck, and dragging loads of heavy wet leaves across the yard.

Sunday, I thought I’d better hit the scale, fearing that I had overdone things a bit. But no, I’m still at my goal weight. How cool it is, I thought, to enjoy these wonderful meals, eat until I’m full, feel great, and not have to give a thought to how many calories I’ve consumed.

More soon.

Paleo Plateau

A few people who have started eating Paleo recently have asked about weight loss plateaus. They’ve lost 5-6 pounds rapidly, and have stopped losing. I remember a couple of times when I seemed ‘stuck’, but it never lasted very long.  I recall that, in the beginning, I was not in a big hurry to lose weight – I knew from past experience that when pounds are lost slowly, they are more likely to stay off. Although I never deprived myself or went hungry, I did substitute a large salad for a normal meal a few times to jump-start the weight loss again.

I looked up my weight loss record for the past year on FitDay and the graph is posted above. I have leveled off and stay within 3 pounds of my goal weight (starting weight 156, goal 126, low 124), which is amazing to me considering I don’t count calories at all and my weekly calorie consumption probably varies widely.

Mark’s Daily Apple has a good post on primal weight loss plateaus here.

Clams Casino


The other night Jay was given some clams, so he made these wonderful clams casino. He mixed butter, chopped onions and chopped green pepper, spread it on the clams, topped each one with a piece of half-cooked bacon, and broiled them for 10 minutes.

Vegetable Garden, Coconut Chicken, Arganica Farm Club and Fat Head


This weekend we dug up a good section of the fenced part of our back yard and started a vegetable garden. We’ve grown some vegetables and herbs on the porch before, but not tried yard gardening because the deer herd that frequents our yard eat up everything. Hopefully their little noses won’t fit through the fence! First plantings include butter lettuce and cauliflower.

Coconut Chicken

This is my first recipe taken from Mark Sisson’s reader created coconut cookbook. You can get a free copy in PDF form by signing up for his mailing list. I got the raw coconut and organic chicken from Whole Foods. The red pepper sauce was especially good. It’s served with a salad sprinkled with a balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, onions, and Maytag blue cheese. This blue cheese is the best I’ve ever had – we order a wheel occasionally.


I just placed our first order for a box of organic, local produce with Arganica Farm Club. It will be delivered to our door on Sunday. I can’t wait to see what we get!

Fat Head

HT to Free the Animal – check out Fat-Head the Movie.