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American Heart Association Advisory Regarding Saturated Fat

On Thursday,  June 17, 2017, the American Heart Association issued this: “Advisory: Replacing saturated fat with healthier fat could lower cardiovascular risks” and stories referencing it have been popping up all over the internet. As I sip my bulletproof coffee and ponder the why of it all, I started assembling some of the articles both pre- and post advisory that may be relevant.

Mark Sisson — Coconut Oil Is Going to Kill Us All (or Maybe Not…)


Whole 30 — Our Official Position on Coconutgate 2017

The Drs. Wolfson — Is Coconut Oil Deadly?

Mind Body Green – The AHA Just Declared Coconut Oil is Unhealthy. Here’s Why Functional Medicine Doctors Disagree

British Journal of Sports Medicine — Saturated fat does not clog the arteries: coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition, the risk of which can be effectively reduced from healthy lifestyle interventions

Ellen Davis — American Heart Association: Trustworthy?

I think I’ll have another cup of coffee.

Opinion at “The Road to Socialized Medicine is Paved with Pre-existing Conditions” by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins

“Now, we don’t buy food, diapers, or car insurance through our employers, so why in the world do we buy health insurance this way? It’s not because it’s more efficient for every car dealership and paper towel manufacturer to learn the ins and outs of administering a health insurance plan. It’s because we can buy health insurance through our employer with pre-tax dollars. No such luck if you want to buy your own health insurance package. And it’s not really even insurance anymore, since we use it to pay for almost everything, from a routine blood test to a routine physical—which makes about as much sense as using car insurance to pay for an oil change.” Read more …

Sample Menu, Pressure Cooker Fail, and Sugar and Cancer

Sample Day’s Meals

I thought I’d post a sample of a day’s menu. Yesterday was unique because I ate three meals – I was hungry! I normally eat fewer meals because I’m not hungry at one meal time. I was down a pound this morning.

Before / During / After Breakfast
3 cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream

Poached egg with a pat of butter
2 hot sausage patties

5-ounce beef tenderloin
large serving of steamed asparagus

Dinner (at Outback)
Blue Cheese Wedge Salad
Tilapia with Crabmeat
Mixed Vegetables
Unsweetened Ice Tea with Lime

After Dinner
1 glass Pinot Grigio (fell asleep before finishing)

Normally I get a steak at Outback, but since I had steak for lunch, I thought I’d try something different. Unfortunately, the crabmeat was a crab cake with breading on top of the tilapia. I scraped off the mushy breading and tried to eat around it. Next time – 6 oz. sirloin!

Pressure Cooker Fail
I have had two pressure cooker failures. The first was Thai Chicken. The chicken was not tender! I need to try again, and figure out how to cook the chicken so that it’s fall-apart tender.

The other was cabbage, and I know why. I cooked the whole cabbage for 8 minutes, and the outside was cooked while the inside was raw. Next time quarter the cabbage – duh!

Sugar and Cancer
Another addition to the sugar and cancer category from a Mayo Clinic doctor at the Chicago Tribune.