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This spring will mark 6 years that Jay and I have been “paleo”. We haven’t been perfect, but neither of us have had a slice of bread or pizza in those six years. That would seem to both of us to cross a line. Our weight remains within 8-9 pounds of our initial weight loss figures – 60 pounds lost for Jay, and 30 pounds lost for me.

We have had some wheat, though, in the form of those dang craft beers! I myself love to dive into a glass of Vanilla Porter or Sweet Baby Jesus. So to begin the new year and get the craft beer behind me, I decided to start my first Whole30. I did do a half-hearted 30 last winter, but finally cracked under the pressure of missing half-and-half in my coffee.

I can report on Day 3 that I have a substitute that I think I can live with – coffee with coconut milk and turmeric. Our beloved Bunn coffeemaker crapped out two days ago (I read in the Amazon reviews that the heating element lasts 4-6 years — that’s about right), so while we wait for delivery on a new one, I’m french-pressing and pouring the contents into the thermal canister. A healthy dose of coconut milk and dash of turmeric, and yum!