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Nine Years Paleo

Still Life with Wine and Strawberries

This still life is by the 19th century French painter Henri Fantin-Latour. View more of Fantin-Latour's paintings on the Art Renewal website.

Still Life with Peaches and Insects

This still life with peaches and insects was painted by German artist Georg Flegel. I don't know if the insects are edible.

Painting: Water Glass and Jug

I like this Chardin still life of a water pitcher and garlic - Paleo staples. Chardin creates an atmospheric glow surrounding ordinary, everyday objects. For more Chardin, see the Art Renewal website.

Painting: Still Life with Oysters and Nuts, 1637

I found this incredibly detailed still life with oysters and nuts at the Art Renewal website. Be forewarned - if you love art, it is easy to lose an afternoon perusing the drawings and paintings in this huge online collection of both old and modern realist masters.

Painting: Freshwater Fish by Jacob Gillig,1684

Being an artist who loves romantic realist art, I thought I'd post an occasional beautiful food painting. This oil on panel painting of Freshwater Fish was made by Dutch Golden Age artist Jacob Gillig in 1684.

Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan

If I could only keep one cook book--if I had to throw the rest away--it would be Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan. Melissa is not just a cook, she's a chef. I haven't made one dish from Well Fed that isn't delicious. (And yes, there's a Well Fed 2, and Melissa has a third...

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Almost 6 Years!

This spring will mark 6 years that Jay and I have been "paleo". We haven't been perfect, but neither of us have had a slice of bread or pizza in those six years. That would seem to both of us to cross a line. Our weight remains within 8-9 pounds of our initial weight...

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Three Years, Five Months

Jay and I are still eating Paleo/Primal. I went for a check-up the other day, and the digital scale weighed me in at 125 lbs. (I have stopped weighing myself at home after 40 some years of weighing every morning). Our weight is holding steady. We had been eating lunch...

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